In a Western tie to produce the same position, one would probably have wrapped around the ankles to produce a terminal cinched band to anchor one end and brought a second rope across the other shoulder to balance the design. Here and in the subsequent two examples we see examples of how the same basic position may be embellished and incorporated into ties of quite different style. Here they are bound to the ropes around the knees, with the final knot tied behind the knees to be outside of finger reach. Bent Over Strappado Arms together behind the back, bent forward at the waist, legs kept straight and unless specifically directed otherwise legs should be closed and feet on tiptoes. Reverse Prayer Hands Clasped In Front Prayer Prayer means with the fingers of both hands straight, extended, and the palms of the hands touching each other. Specifying offered implies that she should be positioned so as to invite her wrists being tied together. This may be considered a stress position variant of virgin sacrifice and it has similar connotations of an innocent giving in to her fate with grace and dignity.
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If they are to be an inch or so off but fairly comfortable, the position may be called low heels as if wearing shoes with low heels, rather than completely flat on the ground or heels lifted. One may refine the position by further directing that the legs be held in position, such as "bend over, legs in glamour girl" or "bend over, right leg kicked back". But while Dave was tying it, he got so excited by the inventiveness of what he was doing that he suddenly exclaimed 'hooplah! Submissive or Kiss The Floor Head as low as the position allows, ideally with forehead pressed to the floor. She had never experienced it before. The initials come from the model and rigger combination where I first observed it in use. If tape with less tenacious glue is used, it just falls off.
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The same position is easily accomplished with metal, either with handcuffs and leg-irons one merely has to cross the chains linking the wrists and ankles or with shackles and chains. JBJS Subject lies on her side, legs together, knees bent, toes pointed, and reaches down her shins with her hands. Penitent Slut Prone on the floor on her front, legs wide spread, arms behind in box, head down. Here the rope is tensioned against itself many times as it ladders its way up the limb, a technique which works extremely well with natural fibres such as hemp used in the Japanese tradition. If used with a spreader bar, it is extremely conducive to face to face intimacy during sex, without the possibility of demurral. Although the whole episode in the film is utterly ludicrous, and along with "the gimp" very unfair to the gay BDSM scene where everybody seems to be a rapist or a murdering rapist.
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But she never thought that such a gesture would be used to her. If they are to be an inch or so off but fairly comfortable, the position may be called low heels as if wearing shoes with low heels, rather than completely flat on the ground or heels lifted. Any of these ingredients may be varied, for example to produce the "45, head submissive" pose shown where the subject's thighs are held in the 45 position, but the forehead lightly touches the floor. This item is essentially a minor variation on the ballgag, the only differences from the classic "ball on a strap" being that the ball is held much more securely in the mouth also making it very hard to dislodge and that the overall effect is even more fetishistic. If neatly tied, the knot can emulate a ballgag in appearance whilst being softer and less obviously fetishistic, a trait which favours its use in kidnap scenarios. The crab tie binds the slavegirl's wrists to her ankles and commonly as here adds ropes binding at around the level of knees and elbows as well, to keep her lower arms parallel to her lower legs. If the elbows are as close together as the slavegirl can bear, it is usually described as elbows together.
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